Jun Scoby Starter Culture

Maui Jun Company

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  • Authentic Hawaii-grown Jun Kombucha Scoby
  • Heat Sealed
  • Grown with Aloha
  • Fermented with Honey
  • Safely created and packaged in a Certified Commercial Kitchen-Permitted by the Maui County Health Department

Sit back and enjoy a satisfying glass of Jun Kombucha without having to go to the store! * You will receive a beautiful Hawaii-grown, authentic Jun scoby (this is NOT a converted Kombucha scoby), vacuumed sealed in food-grade plastic with 1/4 cup of starter tea. This scoby is grown with love using only the finest raw Hawaiian honey and green tea. * Makes one gallon of delicious. immune-enhancing Jun tea * Comes complete with full instructions on how to brew, and maintain your scoby. * Customer support to answer your questions in order to get you started on the right path! The origins of Jun are traced back to Tibet, and is commonly referred to as the "Champagne of Kombucha", due to it's light and delicate mark on the palate. It is believed to be that Jun is the original Kombucha, and possesses the very same probiotic and alkalizing qualities as the Kombucha many of us have come to know. SUPPLIES NEEDED: A one gallon glass jar, 1 scoby, 1/4 cup starter tea, 4 bags of green tea, 1 cup of honey, a permeable cloth covering (such as cheesecloth), and a rubber band. In 3-7 days, you have a magical brew to enjoy (vs. the 9-14 days it takes for kombucha to fully ferment). We here at Maui Jun Company have been commercially supplying Jun on tap for a handful of years. Naturally, we decided to expand our operation by building a sizable scoby farm, in order to make this fine product available world wide. We find great joy in educating and empowering individuals to be self-sufficient. Our deepest mission is to make this world a better place, and one of the ways we do so is by donating a portion of our profits to the Honey Bee Health Coalition in support of beehive collapse research. Because at Maui Jun Company, we are more than just a beverage. Mahalo (thank you) for choosing our Hawaii-grown scobies. Aloha!